India Golf Tourism Association

India Golf Tourism Association (IGTA) is a non-profit organization whose goal is to create greater International awareness of India’s best kept secret when it comes to golf in India!!!
IGTA will be working to bring more golf tourist to India and experience the magnificent array of golf from the mountains to cities and golf courses having historical importance. Once in India, tourist will be inspired by the attractions, sights, spa, history, culture, dinning and business offering.
IGTA has been formed to further the cause of Golf promotion and to strengthen the initiative of the Ministry on providing service and promoting Golfing activity aggressively through its membership. IGTA plan to work closely with Ministry of Tourism, Golf Courses, Hotels, Airlines, International Tourism Board as well as Media to ensure more golfers visit the country and explore India as a hidden golf gem.


Authentic Experiences!



India has excellent golf courses all over the country and we see a bright future for golf tourism in India , with most favorable weather conditions, destination diversity,affordable luxury, great hospitality and India’s position as the fastest growing free market economy.We should focus on regular golf events, offer courses of international standards and develop more courses around iconic tourist destinations.We need to bring together the stake holders from bothvthe sectors private as well as government .I believe an aggressive and targetted promotion of golf tourism will help attract the golfers of the world to india. We all must put efforts and take India to be a prime golf destination country.
The mysterious land of diversities, culture and unmatched hospitality welcomes you-Discover the land of the Indus valley civilisation, the historical place for millions of gods and their cities, internationally acclaimed golf courses and much more. IGTA members provide memorable journeys in India with inspiring itineraries, breathtaking locations, and expert leaders that are socially and environmentally responsible, thereby satisfying the needs of our clients and always exceeding their expectations.